What’s Going Wrong at Liverpool this Season?

Something isn’t clicking at Liverpool FC this season. Although being unexpected Premier League title contenders last season – narrowly missing out to Manchester City – and qualifying for Champions League for the first time since 2010, the red half of Merseyside can be fairly disappointed with this season’s effort so far. Liverpool find themselves in […]

Personality crisis: footballers a rare breed in BBC Sports Personality

It’s time for that annual gala which celebrates the year-gone-by’s major sporting achievements. Heroic feats of athletic endeavour and superhuman strength combined with steely psychological determination to win against all odds are put to the vote, in which the public can choose which sports-star is not completely and utterly mundane and ordinary as a real […]

10 Best Premier League Games Ever

One of the great debates in football is what league is the best. No matter what your answer to that is, there can be no argument that the Premier League – especially the Premier League of recent years – features the most exciting games in world football. With outstanding games every weekend, it can be […]

10 Worst Premier League Teams EVER

The Premiership has produced some great teams in the past, and it also has produced some embarrassing teams. Teams that only won three or four games a season, only scored 20 goals, or conceded 100. Here’s a look at the worst 10 teams to have ever graced the Premiership, but in a few month’s time […]