The Gambling Protocol

The rules for gambling have already been laid down. But these codified rules need a bit more of explanation to give the players better insights on what they are about to undertake. Always keep in mind that the fact that you are having fun is the most important aspect of gambling. In fact, you are […]

Play and Win at online casinos

Risk taking Casino games mean gambling whether it is online or land based. But there are certain plus points in online casino games than the traditional land based ones as the former provides a better pay out to its players. Gambling as the name suggests means risk taking and a player should always keep in […]

What is your poker style?

Most online poker rooms allow you to label your opponents according to a certain typology that covers all “types” of poker players, each with their own playing style. A player’s style is characterised by two attributes: the tightness and the aggressiveness of his play. There are: Tight players (who play very few hands) or loose […]

Casino Treasure: CASINO GAMES

Video Poker It is an ultimate game which can be played with specialized level strategies. For skilled recreational gamers, video poker is truly winnable. With auto-strategy alternatives available at casinos, it is very easy to play this game. The player can immediately start playing with some degree of expertise. Each round of the game begins […]